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Have all the barista knowledge at your fingertips with SPRO. For just $1.99, you get an assortment of facts and recipes on all your favorite caffeinated drinks, and all with a handsome interface.

Your Favorite Drinks
Spro gives you step-by-step instructions for 14 of the most essential Espresso drinks, laid out beautifully with easy to follow directions. Whether you need to quickly check the right proportion of ingredients or go review each step to crafting your drink, Spro lets you quickly get the instructions you need.

Graduate from Espresso 101
Spro also includes the history and pronunciation for each drink: reading material while you're sipping that delicious macchiato. Curious to see what others are having? Check out The Cafe to view the Drink of the Week featured from coffeehouses around the country!

What people are saying about Spro:
"I’m usually getting my typical drink, but now that I have Spro, I can educate myself on other types of drinks in a beautiful and well wrapped package."

"Tons of information on how to make great cups of coffee can be found in Spro, a great coffee resource for the coffee-illiterate and the fanatical alike."

"The must have app for all java junkies provides you with step-by-step recipes for making your own perfect coffee drinks and can let you tell that smug barista to suck it!"

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  • Diagrams of popular drinks
  • History and pronunciation
  • Combine ingredients to Create-A-Drink
  • Learn all about grinding, beans, frothing, and more in Espresso 101
  • Have a discussion and submit new recipes in the Café

New in version 1.2:

  • A refreshing drink for the summer:
  • Shakerato
  • Revamped Café section
  • Speed improvements
  • More guides and tips in Espresso 101
  • Graphic enhancements

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